GiantFinex introduces a new era of cryptocurrency mining.
“Mine multiple cryptocurrencies at once and receive the rewards in a highly selective cryptocurrency.”
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are re-creating how we think about money and finance. Bitcoin, first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, paved the way of a truly decentralized global payment system.

Along with Bitcoin, different cryptocurrencies ranging from Ethereum, Litecoin to recently created Ravencoin each hold a specific, yet exclusive, value proposition which cannot and should not be dismissed.
The process of procuring these cryptocurrencies is called Mining. Miners dedicate electricity and solve cryptographic puzzles.

The Miner who solves the puzzle first, gains the newly minted cryptocurrencies as a reward. Through Mining, cryptocurrencies are created and transactions are confirmed.

Thus, Miners are essential for the success of a blockchain network because they are the issuers of the cryptocurrency as well as the network guardians.
What GiantFinex aims to do is the same. Being part of GiantFinex is equivalent of being a Miner. We engage in a decentralized network and commit our work to the blockchain.

However, not just one, but many. GiantFinex allows users to be miners of multiple blockchains. As mentioned above, each blockchain has their own unique value proposition. It would be a pity to miss out all the opportunities!

But even more exciting, members joining our network will be receiving their mining rewards in a highly selective cryptocurrency. Such cryptocurrency will be vetted through Giantfinex?

industry top due-diligence. Hence, members of our network will enjoy mining one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies together with receiving the one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies as mining rewards.
“GiantFinex and our members will work
hand in hand to be at the forefront of
the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”



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